The marob giant – cleaning principle:

  1. Coarse dirt can be removed using the micro-fiber mop of 250 cm
  2. Adhesive stains and dirt can be removed with the two-step mopping


The first mop is moistened evenly by the dispenser and this moisture is then soaked up into the mop and results in it being distributed evenly on the floor.

The second mop absorbs not only the loosened dirt but also any leftover moisture from the floor so that you have a uniform result from beginning to end.


The 250 cm wide marob micro-fiber mop absorbs a large amount of loose dirt because of the large arm-attachment. The mop might even have to be vacuumed after use and possibly in between as well.

After a thorough and at the same time quick preliminary cleaning the two-step in one wet mopping can be done with the leading edge of the mop from 300 m² to 800 m² according to the degree of dirtiness. 

By turning around the mop holder 180°, you can use the second side to continue to clean another 300 – 800 m2.


Conservative use of water and simultaneous maintenance during the cleaning. This is how to mildly treating floors.

  • By the application of floor maintenance cleaner when using the marob giant—system each cleaning means that the floor is automatically preserved.  The 2nd mop leaves a thin, clean film from the cleaning agent. This should dry on the floor to compliment the protective layer.
  • You can adjust the amount of water dispensed so that the floor can either be wiped wet or slight damp. In this way water sensitive parquet can be safely maintained.