Routine cleaning, maintenance with the cleaning agent, a coating with the emulsions/dispersions, a uniform dampening during the removal of handball resin or any kind of interim and basic cleaning. All of these points are supported by the efficient marob giant – system.

The marob giant – system can be used where there are open spaces; for instance: 

  • Athletic flooring 
  • School assembly halls and corridors 
  • Administrative buildings 
  • Hospitals and rehabilitation clinics 
  • Concert halls 
  • Warehouses 
  • … 

You will always find the best fit through the variety of the marob giant. These include the smallest of the marob giant at 80 cm for tight corridors and restrictive spaces to the standard width of 105 cm with a two-step wet mop used on medium sized and large sized surfaces all the way up to the 250 cm marob Super Mop made with micro-fibers for dry and simple, fast and effective cleaning without agents on large open surfaces.

Even with flooring that has seen the successful use of the marob giant – system for years, demonstrates how flexible the system is: 

  • Linoleum 
  • sealed parquet  
  • oiled parquet flooring 
  • PUR coating 
  • rubber 
  • PVC 
  • Tiles, fine stoneware
  • stone flooring 
  • epoxy resin coating 
  • PUR sealed flooring ( e.g. PUR sealed linoleum, PVC etc.)
  • Coated floors (with emulsion or dispersion coated linoleum, parquet or PVC flooring)
  • cork flooring 

light weight:

Because of the light weight of only 18 kg, you can use the marob giant on many different floor levels, even if the building does not have a lift.