loose dirt:

The use of the 250 cm Micro-fiber mop  enables you to quickly and efficiently remove loose dirt even on large surface areas e.g. athletic and theater venues as well as warehouses.

In only 8 tracks a basketball court is cleaned of loose dirt and dust with the micro-fiber 250 cm mop.  

adhesive dirt:

For the removal of more adhesive dirt the 105 cm arm-attachment is used in a two-step in one operation for the larger floor surfaces such as athletic and theater venues or warehouses.

By use of the large working width and the simple operation of the unit, areas as large as 2,500 m2 / hour can be cleaned. A gymnasium of 1000 m2 can easily be  cleaned and maintained within 25 minutes.

Because no great effort is necessary, you can finish the task without any fatigue.

small and medium surfaces:

Tight and restrictive areas such as narrow corridors can easily be cleaned with our small marob giant with an arm-attachment of 80 cm, which is manageable and fast but also with two-step in one operation.

3 Tracks – and the corridor is clean. Simple, comfortable and effortless.

Using the marob giant 80 cm arm-attachment you can reach a performance of about 1,000 – 1,500 m2 per hour that means for a corridor of 100 m2, you need about 4 – 6 min.

Mopping large areas takes a lot of effort and is time consuming.

When you manually mop an area of 300 – 600 m2, you need about an hour and that means that 100 m2 takes 10 – 20 min.