Das marob gigant – System sorgt für Rekordzeiten bei der Reinigung und Pflege großer Flächen durch das 2stufige Wischen mit 105 cm Arbeitsbreite.

The marob giant – system

An innovation that has proven itself at a practical level on a day-to-day basis for over 20 years.



The advantages at a glance


The marob giant – system

With this ingenious system you will actually have fun with the cleaning and maintenance of large floor surfaces. A simple operation combined with a wide variety of cleaning attachments ranging from 80 cm / 105 cm / 250 cm makes sure that the cleaning and maintenance process is very efficient.

Through the use of the two step wet mopping combined into one operation, the floors are then gently but thoroughly cleaned and maintained. The marob giant works completely without the use of electricity and uses 50% less water and chemicals compared to customary cleaning processes. Meaning that our product raises the standards in environmentally safe cleaning and maintenance. The high treatment quality ensures a longer machine life and operations at the lowest costs. This has been our product for over 20 years.

Varieties and application possibilities

marob gigant 105 cm zur rationellen Reinigung großer Flächen (z.B. Reinigung von Sporthallen/Sporthallenreinigung, Pflege von Sportböden/Sportbodenpflege, Reinigung großer Flure) durch 2stufiges Wischen in einem Arbeitsgang.

105 cm

For the easy removal and mopping of tenacious dirt on large surface areas in a wet and simple two-step operation.

marob gigant 250 cm zur schnellen und effizienten Entfernung loser Verschmutzungen (staubbindende Reinigung durch hochwertige Microfaser).

250 cm

The use of the 250 cm. Micro-fiber mop quickly and efficiently removes loose dirt before the wet mop is used.

marob gigant 80 cm zur einfachen, schnellen und gründlichen Reinigung von Fluren und Gängen z.B. in Schulen, Verwaltungsgebäuden, Lagerhallen, Kaufhäusern oder Supermärkten.

80 cm

For tighter or restrictive corridors: with an 80 cm cleaning attachment, it’s easy, manageable and quick with the two steps in one mopping operation.

marob gigant rechts geschwenkt – zum gleichmäßigen Beschichten von großen Flächen (z.B. Sporthallen, Messehallen oder Lagerhallen) in kurzer Zeit.

Swivels out to the right

The to the right swivel multi-function extension arm attachment facilitates a uniform and quick coating without having to step on the coated surface.

Advantages at a glance


The marob giant is a perfect fit everywhere, where large surface areas have to be quickly and thoroughly cleaned and maintained.

marob giant dominates in routine cleaning, maintenance, coating, in-door sports courts, theaters, schools, administrative buildings and other large open surfaces or in narrow corridors.

Don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself our Video on how easy and fast the marob giant system is.

The handling of the device is also very simple: attach with the mop holder, fill water container, open the dispenser, start mopping meter for meter, clean and maintain.

You can download our current information in PDF.


...you don’t have to be a cheetah to reach the best performance with the marob giant.

We have chosen the working width of the marob giant so that you will be finished before all of the others at a normal working pace. It doesn’t matter if the marob sweeps the floor or if the marob two-step, wet attachment is used, a large sports hall or a narrow corridor is cleaned.


marob gigant Eigenschaft: schnell.

gentle and thorough.

Clean results with the floor saving two-step wet mopping in one.

High-End floors have to be gently maintained. You need a thorough cleaning as well as a protective film. Both of these points are automatically fulfilled in the daily cleaning and maintenance using the marob giant – system.


marob gigant Eigenschaft: gründlich.


It has to do with our earth. We must do our part.

We can begin now saving with every liter of water and chemicals as well as with every kilowatt hour. With the marob giant – system you are already doing your part to sustain the environment. You don’t need electricity and you don’t produce waste water and you drastically reduce your water and chemical usage.


marob gigant Eigenschaft: umweltschonend.


The marob giant – System can be used anywhere there is an unobstructed floor surface.

The routine cleaning of ball courts, schools, administrative buildings or large floor surfaces or in narrow corridors is supported by the marob giant with its rational operating methods.


marob gigant Eigenschaft: flexibel.

high quality.

Quality that counts.

Using high quality materials coupled with thoroughly thought out solutions guarantee a truly maintenance free unit that functions just as well after years of continuous use as if it were the first day.


marob gigant Eigenschaft: hochwertig.


The marob giant – System is Swabian: it is thrifty whenever and where ever possible but it still is of a high quality.

We want to help you save money in a meaningful way with the marob giant – system:

  • Save time with the wide extended-arm attachment at 105 cm to 250 cm and the impressive cleaning performance of 2500 m2/hour with the two-step wet mopping. You’ll then have more time for other things.
  • Save water, detergent and electricity, thereby reducing your costs and all the while you are ecological.
  • Save yourself expensive renovations with the marob giant – system. Floors will be cleaned and maintained, thereby retaining their value.
  • Save your strength because nothing is more important than your health and that of your employees
  • Save on the cleaning unit maintenance, repairs and other subsequent costs, because nothing is worse than unexpected costs.
  • Save on expensive and complex training, because the marob giant – system is easy and intuitive.


Don’t save on a quality product, marob giant.

Length 126 cm
Transport and Storage width 66 cm
Working width in a dry operation 80 cm / 105 cm / 250 cm
Working width in a two-step mopping 80 cm / 105 cm
Working width while coating 80 cm
height 115 cm
weight 18 kg
amount of water used 10-15 ml/m2 bzw. 10-15 l pro 1.000 m2
water holding capacity 35 l
effective cleaning range 2.300-3.500 m2
Rollers trackless grey and rolls easily
Water container Fiberglass reinforced plastic
mechanical components Stainless steel
Multi-function cover aluminum powdered coating
Area efficiency
250 cm. Dry cleaning operation ca. 7.000 m2/h
105 cm. Two-step mopping ca. 2.500 m2/h
80 cm. Two-step mopping ca. 1.000-1.500 m2/h
80 cm. Coating system ca. 700-1.000 m2/h
The 250 cm mop holder Stainless steel
The 105 cm mop holder Stainless steel
The 80 cm mop holder Stainless steel
The Textronic specialized mop 80 cm/105 cm
The Micro-fiber specialized mop 80cm / 105cm / 250cm
marob overshoes with cleaning pad for the purpose of removing streaks and tenacious dirt and stains

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